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BTNL (Beyond the Next Level) est 2002

    Jason Harshaw, the founder of Driven and Dan Ninkovich, who started BTNL in 2002 have been friends and work together developing clients for over 10 years. BTNL is one of the top training and development centers in North America and one of the main facilities Driven uses to develop players.

    Although Jason and Driven have strong relationships with many trainers from Waterloo, Toronto, Niagara and beyond, BTNL has always been one of the top places they have used to develop players. From the unique on ice programs to very specific training methods it has been a great starting point and beyond for players to really not only understand how to train but as well help them see first-hand the much-needed effort that needs to go into being a professional athlete. 

    "Dan and Ted at BTNL have always been great to work with, and Driven and BTNL have worked together and developing pricing packages only offered to Driven clients which is a major plus for our players. Their training approach and the ability to push players but also understand how hockey players need to train is huge in development” Jason Harshaw Driven President.

    “Jay has always been there for his clients and has put them and their needs first as long as I have known him. We work with many agents at our facility and Jason by far is the most involved with his players and making sure they maximize their development” Dan Ninkovich BTNL trainer and Owner

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