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Milton Menace JrA Hockey Ontario

   Driven over the years has established strong relationships with many different organizations all across the Jr A and B leagues in Ontario and through Canada as well as USHL and NAHL in the United States. Over the last season, it has also developed a unique and great working relationship with the Menace organization. Through Jason Tryfon, Team President, and Head Coach/General Manager Dan Del Monte the organization has done a tremendous job in developing hockey players and creating one of the top franchises in Jr Hockey.


   “It is a great feeling as a group to be able to send players to teams like the Menace and know what our players and their families can expect and prepare for. Jason and Dan have done a remarkable job in developing players and helping them get to the next level, whether it be Major Junior Hockey, NCAA or CIS hockey. For younger players especially development and opportunity are key, and the Menace staff get the most out of their players and help them succeed”. Jason Harshaw Driven President


   Driven looks forward to continuing to succeed with the Menace and other organizations in developing players for the next level of hockey and in life.

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