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PHENOM High Perfromance Medicine

Rise Above Your Competition

   What if you had abundant energy all day long, deep and restorative sleep, peak recovery, maximal strength and lean muscle mass, minimal body fat, reduced stress, a calm and focused mind, great gut health, enhanced immune function, less injury, less illness, and consistent performance gains? How good could you be? What could you accomplish? How far could you go?



Optimal Health is Key for Optimal Performance.

   Your body is your machine, your vehicle for success. The better your body works, the better you will perform. This is why we look at all of the body systems to correct and optimize their function. By focusing on maximizing health, we are also able to help prevent injury and illness.



Most Athletes Have No Idea How Much Better They Could be

   To be an elite athlete, you need to be able to adapt and overcome all sorts of obstacles in order to be successful, which is an essential quality. However, this ability to adapt can also be a downfall because, over a short period of time, this way of performing can become your “new normal”, and it can be nowhere near your full potential.

   Let’s say you feel heavy and sluggish before you compete. You get used to this, it becomes your new normal and it over time it becomes that you are just a “slow starter”. So you just go with it, do the best you can and try to work around it, but what if you didn’t have to feel that way? How much better would your overall performance be if you had a great start, that was just as strong as you finished?

Or what if you have trouble dropping body fat or putting on muscle mass? Over time you begin to think these are just your “issues”. What if there were underlying reasons preventing you from improving in these areas?

   Or what if you felt like you performed well often, but it was unpredictable and the other times you were just “going through the motions”? Maybe your sleep is off, maybe is has to do with what you are eating, or maybe you aren’t recovering properly from previous training or maybe your body isn’t producing enough energy to allow you to perform at your best or etc…



Advancement is the Name of the Game

   Each training session and each competition are opportunities for you to enhance your skills, take your game to the next level, and excel past your opponents. The differences between good and great, and winning and losing are often very slight, so making sure you are feeling and performing your best each day are key for you to be able to accelerate your game and rise to the top in your sport.


The Phenom Method

   Through working with many elite athletes, including many of the best in their sport such as top NHL players, UFC champions, and Olympic Gold medalists - we have developed a unique system called “The Phenom Method” to assess how well an individual is functioning, and optimize them naturally for peak health and performance.



What makes us unique?

1.    We are medically trained, and naturally focused

2.    We have a process to get you to optimal

3.    We are focused on getting you to peak health and performance

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