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The player development approach focuses on holistic growth, combining sports science and health expertise to transform athletes from good to exceptional, ensuring their continuous evolution.

Player Development

Leveraging over thirty years of experience, our approach ensures athletes' contracts truly reflect their value, utilizing strategic market analysis and salary cap insights for optimal negotiation outcomes and career growth.

Contract Negotiation

With three decades of experience, we secure contracts that reflect athletes' true value and support their career growth, allowing them to focus on excelling in their sports.

Branding & Marketing

Our approach to holistic brand management boosts athletes' digital and physical presence, fostering partnerships and community engagement to reflect their values and showcase individual excellence.

Finance Management

Driven Sports Group offers tailored support to professional athletes for off-field needs, ensuring their focus on performance through efficient, personalized services.


The team simplifies athletes' tax obligations across Canada, the US, and states, allowing them to focus on sports while managing and educating on tax intricacies.

Tax Planning

The partnership with Chris Knighton and Knighton Real Estate Advisors offers athletes top-tier real estate services in North America, leveraging KREA's global expertise for their financial growth.

Real Estate

Professional hockey players are assisted in smoothly transitioning to post-sports careers through personalized growth and career planning services offered by the organization.

Post Career Management

Phenom HPM Clinic uses naturopathic and functional medicine to optimize health and performance, enhancing energy, metabolism, and overall well-being.

Peak Performance Health Optimization

Our injury prevention and rehabilitation service focuses on reducing the risk of injuries and providing expert care for a swift and effective recovery. Utilizing advanced techniques and personalized programs, we ensure athletes return to peak performance safely and efficiently.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Our Services

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