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Jordan Maslen

Manager of Social Media and Technology

Jordan's academic foundation is solidified with a Bachelor of Science degree, augmented by a minor in Business, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of both the technological and commercial domains. His educational journey advanced with the attainment of a Master's degree in a technology field, culminating in the prestigious opportunity to present his thesis at the IEEE conference in Padova, Italy in 2022. This distinction highlights his expertise and recognition within the technological community. In his professional capacity, Jordan has transitioned from software development to a pivotal role as a Business Intelligence Developer, where he excels in applying machine learning and multidimensional databases to enhance business operations.

Within the Driven Sports Group Team, Jordan's responsibilities extend beyond technical prowess to include the creative aspects of digital presence management. He is integral to the development and maintenance of the company's website and spearheads all facets of social media engagement. His passion for image editing, logo design, and 3D computer graphics brings a unique creative dimension to his work, making him an invaluable asset in branding and client engagement strategies.

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