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Center Gradient Transparent

Jeff Tallman

Player Scout & Head of Analytics

Jeff's 30-year background in team administration, scouting, and advisory roles, collaborating with various levels of hockey teams, positions him as a crucial asset to Driven Sports Group. His expertise in navigating the business of hockey and offering strategic advice based on player evaluations, depth charts, and salary caps enhances the organization's player support system. Jeff's dual role extends to managing a family business for over 25 years, underscoring his results-driven approach and passion in both the sports and business arenas.

Responsible for client and player development and scouting in central and eastern Canada, Jeff's work ethic and knowledge are invaluable to Driven and its clients. Living in St. Catharines, Ontario, with his wife, Therese, Jeff's local ties and professional experience greatly contribute to the organization's success and outreach.

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