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Center Gradient Transparent

Andy Harshaw


Andrew's illustrious career as a results-driven Management Executive is marked by his diverse manufacturing expertise and strategic acumen. With a strong foundation in general management, he excels in areas such as strategic planning, production scheduling, budgeting, and human resources. Notably, Andrew's tenure as Vice President at Dofasco (ArcelorMittal) saw transformative initiatives, including the replacement of aging technology, resulting in substantial cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency. His leadership was instrumental in retaining Dofasco's premier automotive position despite market challenges, showcasing his adeptness in change management and financial stewardship. Andrew's remarkable achievements culminated in his roles as CEO and COO of ArcelorMittal USA before retirement, where he spent eight years immersed in the vibrant landscape of Chicago and the broader United States.

Today, Andrew continues to shape the business landscape as a valued advisor on numerous boards across North America. His philosophy, encapsulated by the belief that actions speak louder than words, underscores his commitment to accountability and excellence. Residing in Grimsby with his wife Jillian and their family, Andrew finds fulfillment in guiding companies toward their full potential while cherishing precious moments with his three children and five grandchildren.

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