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Rod Thacker

COO, Director of Hockey Operations

Rod, as a Partner and Director of Hockey Operations at Driven Sports Group, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a law degree from the University of British Columbia and 28 years of legal, business, and operations management under his belt, Rod is a trusted advisor known for his integrity and dedication. His extensive background includes representing hockey players in both the AHL and OHL for the past 8 years, fostering valuable relationships within the junior and professional hockey realms. Rod's responsibilities extend to player representation, contract negotiation, and overseeing legal and business operations for Driven Sports Group.

Prior to his distinguished career in law and sports management, Rod pursued a promising hockey career himself, having been drafted by the St. Louis Blues and competing in both the OHL and CIS. Today, Rod resides in Oakville with his wife Alison and their three children, where they enjoy quality time together skiing and relaxing at their cottage. His commitment to family and passion for both sports and law reflect his well-rounded approach to life and business.

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