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Player Development

Our approach to player development emphasizes continuous evolution beyond drafts and signings. An elite team of sports performance experts, naturopathic doctors, psychologists, and trainers boosts strength, speed, health, and performance to prevent stagnation. This holistic strategy elevates athletes from good to exceptional, equipping them with the tools and guidance needed to reach their full potential in and beyond the game.

Contract Negotiation

With over thirty years of expertise, our team ensures athletes' contracts reflect their true value, not just numbers. Through market analysis and understanding salary caps, we offer strategic insights for effective negotiations, securing optimal outcomes. Our comprehensive support lets athletes focus on performance while we manage negotiation details and support career growth, helping them excel in their sports.

Branding & Marketing

With three decades of experience, we negotiate contracts reflecting athletes' true value, not just numbers. Through market analyses and understanding salary caps, we offer strategic insights for successful negotiations, ensuring optimal outcomes. Our support system lets athletes focus on performance while we handle negotiation complexities and support career growth, aiding their success in sports.

Finance Management

Our team focuses on holistic brand management for athletes, enhancing their digital and physical presence. We guide them in creating a positive online persona and building their brand through partnerships with leading companies and charities. This strategy offers marketing opportunities and community engagement, reflecting their values. Our focus on digital literacy and collaborations empowers athletes to showcase their excellence and individuality, ensuring success across all arenas.


Driven Sports Group offers comprehensive support to professional athletes, easing off-field challenges through personalized care and tailored services like seasonal relocations and family travel. Our efficient network ensures quick solutions for transportation and tickets, allowing athletes to concentrate on performance and development, reflecting our commitment to their well-being and success. This approach provides a hassle-free experience, focusing on athlete care.

Tax Planning

Our team addresses professional athletes' complex tax obligations in Canada, the US, and various states, reducing stress from financial intricacies. Expert accountants simplify taxes, educating athletes and managing documents for a seamless process. This strategy allows athletes to focus on sports, demonstrating our commitment to empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to navigate tax duties and excel in their careers.

Real Estate

Partnering with Chris Knighton and Knighton Real Estate Advisors (KREA) of Keller Williams Realty, we offer professional athletes elite real estate services across North America. KREA's global top 1% ranking and 15+ years' experience provide our clients with exceptional consultations and wealth-building strategies. This alliance aims to boost athletes' financial growth, maximizing KREA's expertise for their benefit.

Post Career Management

Supporting professional hockey players' transition post-sports, the organization offers customized services for unique goals. Expert coaches focus on personal growth and career planning, equipping athletes to explore diverse paths, ensuring seamless transitions aligned with their skills and interests, leading to rewarding careers beyond hockey.

Peak Performance Health Optimization

Phenom HPM Clinic specializes in naturopathic and functional medicine to optimize health and performance. Their programs enhance energy, metabolism, stress resilience, and more, promoting peak well-being.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Our injury prevention and rehabilitation service focuses on reducing the risk of injuries and providing expert care for a swift and effective recovery. Utilizing advanced techniques and personalized programs, we ensure athletes return to peak performance safely and efficiently.

Our Services

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