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Jared Bishop

Eastern U.S. Scout/Lawyer

Jared serves as an area scout covering the greater Boston/Connecticut region for Driven, while also practicing as an estate planning attorney licensed in Massachusetts. His extensive background in representing high-net-worth individuals and families adds a unique dimension to his role with Driven, making him a valuable asset to the team. Jared's expertise extends beyond estate planning, with a working knowledge and strong connections in immigration, corporate, and real estate law, further enhancing his ability to support players in navigating their careers both on and off the ice.

Graduating from Florida State University with degrees in Marketing and Sport Management, and later earning his law degree from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Jared brings a well-rounded skill set to his dual roles. With a passion for hockey and a deep understanding of estate planning and immigration law, Jared is equipped to provide comprehensive guidance to players as they navigate the complexities of their professional careers. Residing in Walpole, Massachusetts, with his wife and newborn child, Jared is committed to serving the needs of Driven's clientele while continuing to grow his practice in estate planning.

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